Book Review of "The LinkedIn Code" by Melonie Dodaro

Since I began my practice, clients and others have always approached me and asked what good books could I recommend for some particular aspect of social media.  I’m always happy to supply titles when I can for several reasons.  First, because I hope it makes me appear well read and confident enough in my own abilities to recommend someone else’s work.  Next, I recognize that not everyone is ready to jump into the deep end with social media and they require some time to think about what they’re getting into before either launching a social media program or engaging a consultant to help them do so.  Finally, there are social media professionals out there with some very good thinking and who have taken the trouble to write some very good books.  They deserve their due.
So, I will from time to time give reviews on books which I think are good value for the money and can be helpful to either newcomers or advanced users.
With this post, I’m happy to introduce the recently published The LinkedIn Code by Melonie Dodaro.
Melonie is a LinkedIn and social media expert.  She is considered by the media to be Canada’s #1 LinkedIn expert.  She is the founder of Top Dog Social Media, a highly successful social media agency based in British Columbia.  Her blog has been rated one of the Top 10 Social Media Blogs for 2014 by Social Media Examiner.  I’ve had the opportunity to attend several teleconferences and webinars that Melonie has hosted and participated in and am impressed by her mastery of LinkedIn and its application in developing leads for businesses.
I came across Melonie and her soon to be published book when I was working on my own network.  (Check my post entitled Developing a Social Media Program – Community Development) for details!)
Many people only consider LinkedIn as an online resume tool that they use when they think it’s about time to look for a new job.  I can always tell when friends are in trouble or organizations may be facing cutbacks by the flurry of connection requests that will come flooding in suddenly.
What drew me initially to Melonie’s book is its focus on other, potentially more lucrative uses for LinkedIn.  Namely, she focuses on how the tool can be used to help firms develop sales leads for potential business.
Melonie assumes the reader has the basics covered and has already established themselves on LinkedIn.  This is fair.  Not every book needs to cover how to set up an account and start connecting.  There are plenty of good books and online resources (All of which I’ll address in future posts.) without rehashing the material again in Melonie’s book.  Nor is this book intended for someone looking for a job.  (Although, someone forward enough in their thinking could use this approach to establish her brand and status as an influencer before the need to look for a job.)
The LinkedIn Code goes straight into what Melonie describes as social selling, the next new sales model versus the old sales model.  The key differences between the two are that the former  stresses collaboration, sharing, and relationships versus the essentially cold calling approach of the latter.  From here, she explains how LinkedIn is crucial in achieving this.
The book is divided into two parts.  The first deals with laying a foundation to begin and the second with building and executing a social selling campaign.
Useful and exercises for the reader are included and assist in understanding and using the lessons contained therein.
Overall, I give The LinkedIn Code a strong buy recommendation.
The book focuses on a very specific need and addresses it.  Melonie has done a very good job with this book and I hope to see more of her work in the future!
One small issue is that the book is only available electronically through Amazon.  For those of us who don’t use Kindles going back to hard copy (not to mention waiting for it to be delivered in the mail!) is a bit of inconvenience.  Although, to be fair, the book is worth it!
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