Book Review of “LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day” by Viveka von Rosen

When I began my journey into social media services a while ago, I went looking for reference material to read to round out my experiences.

One book that I came across is LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day by Viveka von Rosen.  

Readers of my blog and clients have asked for additional reference material to assist them in developing their own social media programs with LinkedIn.  This book fits that request nicely.

So, while this book was written in 2012, I know that’s an eternity in the world of social media, there are still many valuable lessons to be learned here for the advanced LinkedIn user.

Viveka von Rosen is literally the “LinkedIn Expert.”  (Her Twitter handle is @LinkedInExpert.)  She has been working with LinkedIn since 2005 and her website, , states that she’s trained over 100,000 people to date across her various training channels.  She is the host of the largest LinkedIn Twitter Chat, #linkedinchat.  Viveka is the co-moderator of LinkedStrategies, the leading LinkedIn strategy group on LinkedIn.  (I think we’ve established her credentials!)

Several factors drew me to this book originally.

First was its programmatic approach.

Viveka’s methodology lays out an almost six month plan for developing a successful LinkedIn marketing campaign.  Chapters cover individual or several weeks depending on the topic.  Tasks are broken down into weekly and daily components.  At the end is a comprehensive chapter on how everything comes together.  Maintaining all the completed work going forward is also addressed.

The key highlights of Viveka’s approach are developing an optimal LinkedIn profile, the appropriate use of keywords. developing a network, using the tools to proactively present yourself as a subject matter expert (SME) or an influencer in your area of expertise.

The book includes useful tables and checklists (several of which can be downloaded from the publisher), specific advice on the recommended use of LinkedIn for certain professions is given (And while you may not be in that particular profession yourself, the insights are useful to others.), and the use of third party tools like Hootsuite.   

I do want to point out that some of the features mentioned by Viveka like LinkedIn Answers and Card Munch are no longer available.  However, I still find the overall approach to be effective and worthwhile.  I refer to the book regularly and its lessons can be applied to new features like LinkedIn Publisher.

Overall, I give LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day a strong buy recommendation.

This is a which while it can certainly be used and used well by a job seeker is intended for the independent professional or small to mid-sized business looking for a cost effective to grow their business and enhance their reputation.

LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day is handy reference to use when working on Step I, Establishing the Social Media Footprint of my Developing a Social Media Program approach.


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