Content Wells and Social Media


You’re probably saying to yourself, another new social media buzz word that you have to learn.

Well, I’m not sure how new it is or who even coined the term.  (Not me, I’m normally not that clever with words.)

But, someone did and it’s important.  So, I’ll blog about it for a bit.  (I am clever enough to know that folks don’t anything written about unimportant stuff!)

Content wells are those sources that you use regularly to source content for your social media programs.

These sources need to be reliable and dependable.

In other words, they’re fairly accurate, current, and readily available.

(This is where someone always asks me if content wells can only be online sources.  Technically, no.  Content wells can be physical hardcopy.  But, life will sure be easier for you if your content wells are all online!)

Content wells can come in different types.

These include other blogs, websites, forums, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn are just but a few examples.

Having trouble finding content wells beyond the obvious social media apps?

Then try Google searches and Google’s Keyword Planner for ideas.   (I’m still amazed at this late stage at how many people still overlook a basic Google search.)

Why are content wells important for you?

First, they supply content for your social media program that is current and accurate.  (Yes, you do have do some fact checking here.)  Trust me, you will never, and couldn’t even if you wanted to, supply all the content that you’ll need for your social media program.  Furthermore, if you’re trying to establish yourself as a subject matter expert in a given field then you want to be able to demonstrate who the other experts are in your field and what are your impressions of their thinking.

Next, content wells keep you current and up to date.  In today’s fast moving world driven by the Internet among other things, change happens and it happens fast.  I’ve had changes happen to me for subjects as I’ve been preparing stories for this blog.  You’ll need those reliable sources to keep up with the change and every once in a while, get ahead of it.  I know I need them.

Finally, good content wells help us to expand our community of interest.

We can increase our followers as we share their content and are followed back in return.

Our community of commentators on our social media can increase.

Business relationships that lead to mutually profitable arrangements can occur.

How do we use content wells?

As I outlined in Step I of my 8 step approach to developing a social media program, begin with your own organization’s goals and objectives.  What content will best support them and be suitable for your social media footprint?

Once you’ve identified what you need, use a reader tool like  Feedly to source content as it’s posted.  I use this particular app myself.

Google Alerts are a good way to catch breaking news as it occurs.

Finally, don’t hide the great content that you discover!

Share it out to the world and make sure you give full credit to its creators!  (Something else many people forget to do!)

In a nutshell that’s what content wells are all about.

Why not give them and try and let me know how you make out!

In the meantime, thank you for following and reading my blog!

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