Are You Getting Frustrated with Social Media?

Are you getting frustrated with social media?

Yes, that’s the question I’ll be addressing in this article.

Or, to out it another way, are you wondering if it’s all worth it?

Or, how’s this, are you wondering why you’re still doing it?

Maybe you’re not at the point where you’re willing to confront yourself with such a direct question.

Do you have any of these symptoms?

You’re not checking your social media regularly.  (Should be daily at a minimum.)

You’re slow to respond to comments and other interactions from your followers.  (A one business day turnaround is considered to be best practice.)

You don’t write on your blog regularly.  (Weekly blogging is considered to be the minimum acceptable.)

Any of these sound like you?

If so then you’re beginning to get frustrated with social media.

Now, what are you going to do about it?

Here’s where I can help.

You have three choices as I see it.

Do nothing, which will not improve anything.

Give up, yeah, you’re right, not exactly a winning strategy either.

Or, kick start your efforts!  (Guess which one I prefer?)

If you’re feeling frustrated right about now, don’t worry about it.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of.  It happens to all of us at one time or another.

Even me!

Maybe you tried to do too much too soon.

Or, your expectations should have been more realistic and down to Earth.

Whatever the reason was, recognizing that you made a mistake and need a do over is a big step in the right direction towards feeling a lot better about yourself and your social media program.

Now is an important time to be honest and think long and hard about where your initial foray into social media might have done astray.

Look at yourself, talk with friends, or reach out to social media professionals and get their opinions and inputs.

Once you’ve done this then it’s time to do something.

Relook at your original plan.  (You do have one, don’t you?)

Does it just need tweeking?

Or, was it just too ambitious?

Another approach is to scrap your original social media program and start all over again.

A fresh start permits you to learn from your mistakes and do things differently on your second time around.

Maybe the problem doesn’t lie in your social media program as much as you’re not engaging enough with others.

Actively following others, resharing their content, or actively engaging in forums such as Twitter Chats like #linkedinchat and #socialcafe are great ways to the attention of others.

To wrap this article up, if you’re feeling frustrated with your social media program then do something about it!

I invite you to share your comments and stories here on my blog or feel free to reach out to me to talk about your situation.

That’s it for now!

In the meantime, thank you for following and reading my blog!

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