What Happens If You Decide Not to Use Social Media?

On the continuing subject of whether or not social media is for you, I’ve decided to move over to the Dark Side for a moment.  

I’ve been talking about all the advantages of using social media for your business or organization but I’ve only alluded to the disadvantages.

Let’s talk about the latter for a bit.

Of course, the reasons for using social media are several.

A few of my favorites follow.

It’s only a fad.

It’s for others.

Here’s one of my very favorites:

I’ll work harder or I’m smart enough so that I don’t need it.  (I call this the Custer Scenario.)

Now, in order that you don’t have to take my word for all the bad things that can happen if social media isn’t adopted, let’s draw a few analogies from history.

What do you think would have happened to your hauling business if you’d kept on using horse and wagon when all your competitors switched to the internal combustion engine right after it had been invented?

Or,  after the telephone was invented, you’d gone on using messengers or snail mail?

Better yet, hadn’t purchased your first PC and all that came after that?

Get my drift?

Now, I’m sure there are boutique horse and buggy companies out there, someone still uses singing messengers for birthdays and such, and my accountant friends tell me that for some reason they still manufacture multi-column spreadsheets.

But, my point is that this doesn’t have to be you unless you have a very strong predilection for retro.  (Hey, disco came back, didn’t it?)

Let’s look at this another way.

What if your customers can’t find you or know what your current thinking on hot topics is?

Does it worry you that potential customers think that it’s suspicious that you can’t be Googled?  (Or, here’s another twist on this one, you’re the only one in a LinkedIn search results list who doesn’t have a picture in their profile.)

Maybe your business is dropping off as compared to your competitors but the economy is improving?

Times are changing and we, you and I, need to change with them.

If we don’t change then we get left behind.

Maybe it’s time to really start thinking about social media!  

Or maybe your own social media program?

Trust me, just because pet rocks were a fad doesn’t mean social media will be!

That’s it for now!

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