Don’t Forget about Yourself on Social Media!

A client told me recently that he wants to understand how to use social media to convert his efforts with it ultimately to cash.

This was great!

He gets it!

Unless you’re on social media for a straight branding play such as countering potentially negative social media from others or for customer service then you should be thinking about cash!

Cash is King!

Why are you on social media?

Previously, I blogged about three reasons to do so:

  1. To add value
  2. To be found by others
  3. To learn

This is where in the first step in my eight step approach to develop a social media program that you should be going back to your goals and objectives.

What results are you trying to affect?

Are the results actionable?

(Hint: Your goal should not be to increase revenue, your goal should be improve the variable that drives revenue growth.  For many of my clients, this is simply to increase calls from prospects each week.)

Another example to increase favorites, likes, or positive feedback on selected social media channels to be ready for the day when someone writes a devastating review of your retail establishment.

See where I’m going?

Some or all of the three reasons outlined above on why to be on social media need to be mapped to your goals and objectives.

Remember to ask yourself the following questions about yourself when starting your social media program:

First, what benefits do you expect to accrue to you from your social media program?

They can be financial or they can be enhancements to your reputation.

Do your social media activities map to actionable and measurable events?

Do you measure these events and revise your approach based on the feedback?

At the end of the day, you have to be getting something out of social media to make it worth the effort.

And, you’d better know what it is while you’re at it!

That’s it for now!

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