Reuse in Social Media

“Where do I get all the content I need for an effective content strategy in my social media program?”

I hear this frequently from my clients.

There are three (3) primary sources of content for a social media program:

  1. Your own original content
  2. Resharing the content of others
  3. Content from guest writers

Still, even with these three sources, many find themselves looking at gaps in their editorial calendars.

However, there is one often overlooked trick to help you fill those gaps in your editorial calendar and get your message out!

Drum roll please!

That trick is reusing your own content!

First, here are a few statistics I’ve come across in my research:

  1. The average life of a tweet is eighteen (18) minutes
  2. Only 10% of your Twitter followers are ever online at the same time
  3. Only 3% of your Twitter followers who are even online will read your tweet!

I suspect the numbers would be similar for other social media channels.

So, given all the odds against your original content being read why not repost it?

Good, solid, evergreen content is king and always will be!

Just don’t spam!

How should you do this?

Your original, evergreen content should be relevant to the needs of your community and be about what you can do to add value.

Topical content of a temporary nature is fine just be careful about its reuse.

(How many people want to read sports articles about last year’s games?  See my point?)

Also, remember that your community should always be growing.

So, reuse gives your new followers a a chance to see your best work.

Reusing your best content is a good way to fill in gaps in your editorial calendar especially when professional or personal reasons prevent you creating new content.

Don’t abuse reuse but make it an effective part of your content strategy!

That’s it for now!

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