Are You Leveraging Your Blog with Social Media?

My starting premise for this article is that you already have a blog.

If not then I suggest that you read this earlier story of mine about why you should have one.

If after reading that story you still don’t think you need a blog come back and read this one to learn about the benefits that accrue to a blog used properly with social media.

If you still don’t think you need a blog or social media at that point then drop me a line and I’ll send you a few to links to websites with really cute pictures of small, furry animals because obviously that’s all you think the Web is good for!

As for the rest of you let’s get started!

You may have a blog but are you really leveraging it to its full advantage?

Have you integrated your blog into your social media program?

A blog by itself can be a very lonely thing.

Sure, if you’ve either got superb search engine optimization (SEO) or the money to pay for them then you should be able to drive significant traffic to your blog.

Or, how about using social media?

You can save on expensive SEO or complement your investment there and attract even more followers to your community.

Step IV of my eight step approach to develop a social media program is about social media integration.

This is important and bears repeating:

You must use all the social media tools at your disposal to get your message out especially if you have limited funds to promote yourself!

The Big Three of social media, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook are crucial here.

However, you just can’t launch blindly into this endeavor or you’ll do more harm than good.

Your content needs to adapted for each social media channel.

For example, Twitter only permits 140 characters in a tweet.

Appropriate frequency of posting varies by channel.

(Please don’t tell me that you have all your tweets going into LinkedIn!)

Your audience and its needs may vary by channel.

Leveraging multiple social media channels is all about reusing your content just don’t turn into a spammer!

Make sure most of your content is evergreen.

In other words, it has a message that is valid for a considerable period of time.

Think of your audience, what do they need, and how and when do they want to receive your content?

Remember that social media has a synergistic effect, the more you use it as much as you can, the greater your exposure and influence!

That’s it for now!

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