Has Your Social Media Gone Stale?

Has your social media gone stale?

That’s this week’s question.

Have you updated your content strategy?

Have you revised your engagement strategy?

Have you modified your branding strategy?

No, I’m not talking about dropping what you have now and jumping on the shiny, new object.

Have you gone back lately to your social media program and made any changes?

Change is the only constant in life and in business.

Clients change.

They change whom they are, their needs change, and and how they receive and review information changes.

Social media changes.

And, not just because new tools arrive on the scene.

New features appear on existing tools or old ones go away.

Or, how existing tools are used can change.

The frame of reference that we do business in changes.

Competition, statutory regulations, and concepts change.

Are you maturing in your use of social media?

What about your content?

Is it current with the latest trends and issues?

Have you moved from primarily using text for content to graphics, videos, and podcasts?

Have you increased the frequency of your writing?

Do you vary the length of your content based on its subject matter?

How about your engagement strategy?

Are you commenting more on the content of others?

Are you seeking out and engaging with influencers in your industry group?

Are you now receiving relevant, unsolicited connection requests regularly?

Last, but not least, what’s going on with your branding strategy?

Have you freshened your brand’s look recently?

Have you updated all your profiles and links across all your social media channels?

(This includes using current profile pictures that strangers would actually recognize you from!)

Does your brand reflect your content?


Here are a few watch-outs when updating your social media!

I’m repeating this one for emphasis, beware the shiny, new object!

Don’t change everything at once!

Solicit feedback on revisions from your community and trusted advisers.

Don’t be overconfident but don’t be afraid to change either!

That’s it for now!

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Stay well!

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