Balance in Social Media

One of life’s caveats is to avoid going down the rabbit hole.  

Or, putting it another way for the non-literary types out there, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

Whichever metaphor you prefer, they both apply to social media!

In social media, as in most things in life, balance is needed.

There are no certainties in this life.

(If you haven’t learned this life lesson yet then stop reading and contact Doctor Phil.  He’d love to meet you!)

But, for those of us who have learned this lesson, we know that social media channels go away, features change or simply just disappear, or new ideas arise upending the old order.

Diversification is another good word for balance.

We diversify our financial holdings to avoid undue risk.

We offload major life event risks with insurance.

We geographically distribute our physical assets to avoid natural disasters.

In social media, the same principles hold true.

We don’t want to have undue reliance on one social media channel or set of features.

We want to create our own original content and share that of others and don’t do either to the exclusion of the other.

We want to post at various times of the day and week to ensure our content is seen by the largest possible number of our followers.

Balancing your social media activities across multiple channels and functions is prudent.

Something may change or stop altogether but the material portion of your message will still be getting out to our followers.

Also, working to maintain balance keeps us current with what’s happening in social media so that we’re ready for the next big change!

Think about it!

Do you want to be proactive or reactive to the next big change in social media?

Having a social media program laid out in advance can be a great help here!

That’s it for now!

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