Are You Testing Your Social Media?

Testing social media?

I can see your eyes rolling as you read these words.

By now, if you’ve been listening to me (You have been listening, right?) then you should have a social media program in place.   (You do, don’t you?)

But, many omit or forget Step VIII, Continual Improvement, in running their social media program.

Social media programs don’t work well on a “fire and forget” basis.

A social media program needs to continually tested and retested to remain effective.

Is your social media program achieving it’s original goals for you?

If not then why not?

If it is then could it be doing better for you?  Are you leaving money on the table?

An effective social media program is all about change, testing, measuring, changing some more, and retesting.  Starting to get the picture?

The changes can be to anything.  Content, keyword strategies, how you interact with influencers, frequency or timing of posts, they’re all up for consideration.

Most of your improvements will be small but cumulatively will be significant.  Stepwise refinement is an effective way to continually make improvements and reap the benefits.

Occasionally, you may get a break and achieve significant improvements.  Cherish these moments, double down on them, and focus your time and efforts here for a while to see if more can be gained in the short term.

Be methodical in your approach.  Use an approach like A/B testing to establish control and variation in your testing.  Documentation, measurement, and discipline are important here.

You can never afford to be complacent with your social media program.  Continual improvement through testing will help to ensure its long term success.

Small organizations shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the terminology or the methodologies.  These can be scaled down to a practical application of the tools without sacrificing a good night’s sleep!

Also, never forget to reach out to either ask questions or to ask for help!

That’s it for now!

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