Influenced or Influencing on Social Media?

Are you influenced or influencing on social media?

A simple question but it gets to the heart of why you’re on social media and what you’re going to do once you’re there.

Are you here to learn from others or are you here to teach others?

Let’s talk about this for a moment.

This question helps you to understand your purpose for being on social media.

If you’re here for social or educational reasons then you’re here to be influenced.

If you’re here to raise the level of your brands awareness or for business development then you’re here to influence others.

The distinction between the two determines your approach to social media.  For example, if your goal is to influence others then you’re going to need a social media program.

Can you do both?


The trick is doing it right!

I recommend beginning by following influencers and learning from them before starting to try to influence others right out of the gate.

What are the true differences between the two types?

Influencers are thought leaders and subject matter experts (SME).  They create content.  They lead and participate actively in conversations.  They’re the “go to” people when new issues or topics arise in their areas of expertise.  They didn’t arrive at this station in life overnight.  They worked at it.  They’re active on social media and have a program.

The influenced are people who are on social media for educational, social, or entertainment purposes.  Their participation is more passive and informal.

Understanding which role you are and when you’re in it is important to know.

We’re all influenced on social media.

Not all of us are influencers.

Social media  is full of profiles of people who came online and then couldn’t figure out what to do and left in frustration.

Transitioning to being an influencer takes time, effort, and work!

There may be setbacks but those are often invaluable learning experiences.

Realizing whether you’re on social media to be influenced or to influence will be one of the most important determinations that you’ll make on social media.

Be thoughtful about it.

Look at other influencers and learn from them.

Then go for it!

That’s it for now!

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