What Value Do You Bring to Social Media?

Yes, what value do you bring to social media?

Yes, I’m talking about you!

Why should anyone pay attention to you on social media?

Well, how about because you add value?

Now, you’re all asking me, “How do I add value on social media?”

The answer is simple and it’s one word.


There’s three ways to use content to add value on social media.

First, there’s original content.  This is what you write yourself from scratch.  It should be something new and relevant to the needs of your followers.

Next, there’s sharing the content of others.  Again, this should be relevant (Getting the idea that I think this is an important concept?) and different.  We all have friends who share the front page article of the Wall Street Journal every day.  Don’t become like them!  Take the time to dive deep into your discipline and find unique content.  Use Feedly and Google!

Finally, comment!  Become part of the conversation!  Start a conversation!  Take the time to add meaningful comments to the content of others!  (Something more than “Great job!”)  Add something that will make people look forward to your commentary.

Content is a key differentiator in social media.  Most of my prospective clients start here asking how to do it.

Look at the key influencers in your discipline.  How do they do it?

Look at your competitors, what are they doing?  (Trust me they’re doing something!)

Look at your customers and potential customers. what are they doing?

The important thing with social media is to be there and there is no better way to be there than by using content to mark your space.

Trust me on this, if you’re not there then no one will come looking for you!

Make sure content is an important part of your social media program!

That’s it for now!

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