How Much Time Do You Spend on LinkedIn?

How much time do you spend on LinkedIn?

I ask this of clients all the time.  When I do there’s an uncomfortable silence most times.  I think I’d get a better reception if I’d asked them how much money they have in their bank accounts.

Some seem startled by the question.  As if this is a totally new idea.

Others go in occasionally to accept a connection request.  (These also tend to be the ones who call me asking what to do because they’re forgotten their passwords.)

There’s actually a bigger question here, why should you spend time on LinkedIn?

I’ll answer both these questions in this article.

Unless you’re actively looking for a new position or are self-employed, I recommend at least a weekly check-in to your LinkedIn account.


Here’s a short list of reasons:

  1. To reply to connection requests
  2. To respond to messages
  3. To interact with Groups
  4. To seek out new connections
  5. To see who’s viewed your profile
  6. To post relevant and useful content
  7. To read and comment on the content of others
  8. To update your profile when necessary

Quite a list, huh?

You may find that it’s better to log into your LinkedIn account more frequently than weekly!

Now, for those who are either actively looking for a new position or are self-employed, I recommend being on LinkedIn daily.  This can be either one long session or multiple shorter ones depending on your individual tolerance for sitting in one place.  (And, don’t forget the LinkedIn mobile apps which make accessing LinkedIn while on the go a lot easier!)

What else do you do other than the reasons given above?

In short, a lot!

First, your overall volume of activity is going to be greater given what you’re doing.

Next, you’ll be posting more content.

You’ll be doing status updates, using LinkedIn Publisher and SlideShare as well.

Then you’ll be more actively expanding your connections.

This is done by:

  1. Examining your second degree connections and reaching out to them
  2. Using search to look for other potential connections and determining how to connect with them if they’re outside your network
  3. Reading, liking, and commenting on the content of others
  4. Involvement with Groups

Doing all the above consistently will ultimately result in either a new position or new leads for your business.

How much time is enough?

For those looking for a new position or the self-employed, a daily commitment (including weekends) of one to two hours is a minimum requirement.

I’d recommend spreading this time out over the course of the day.  But, I recognize that everyone is different is this regard.  (And, don’t forget those mobile apps!)

Don’t forget to allow time for prep work!

All that content you’re going to create will take time and an editorial calendar would be a great idea!

The important thing is to be disciplined in your approach to LinkedIn.

Set aside time on your calendar to work on LinkedIn.

Have a plan or a checklist for what you’ll do once you’re on LinkedIn.

Treat LinkedIn as a component of your overall social media program.

In closing, you have to be on LinkedIn it for it to be effective for you!

If you need help then don’t be shy about asking for it!

I’m always willing to help you out!

That’s it for now!

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