Publishing Content on LinkedIn

Remember that terrific, brand new LinkedIn profile we’ve  discussing recently?

Yeah, that one!

Well, we’re going to go into some more depth about what to do with it.

We said there are three things that you can do with it to increase others’ awareness of it.  There are:

  1. Proactively develop new, relevant connections on LinkedIn
  2. Publish content on Linkedin
  3. Participate in LinkedIn Groups

I’ve discussed the first item and in this article, I’m going to discuss the second, publishing content on LinkedIn, in more detail.

But, first, a quick review on the mechanics of publishing on LinkedIn.  There are three ways to publish content on LinkedIn:

  1.  Status update: good for short form and immediate content
  2. LinkedIn Publisher: best for long form content with its blog-like interface
  3. SlideShare: best with PowerPoint or PDF presentations which are graphics heavy

However, posting on LinkedIn is the easy part.  Preparing the right content for your connections is the hard part!

The secret of good content on LinkedIn, whether original or shared, is:

  1. Relevance: it meets the needs of your connections in a very specific manner
  2. Value Add: it broadens or improves the discussion of the topic under consideration, it’s unique and avoids the “me too” effect
  3. Optimized: the text employs keywords that will help your connections find your content, employs anchor text (links) to bring additional content into the discussion, and is written well.

Content must be tailored to the needs of your connections.

Your connections follow you for a reason, don’t disappoint them by going off topic.

Good content requires work and discipline.  Again, this is true whether it’s your own original work or the shared work of others.

In other words, avoid the easy route!

We all have friends who share the cover story from the Wall Street Journal every day and if we haven’t disconnected them yet, we soon will!

Continually refine your content for your connections.  Most subjects change fairly rapidly these days, make sure you’re with the program and have an opinion on it!


The purpose of your content is to become the “go to” person for your LinkedIn connections!

If you need help then don’t be shy about asking for it!

I’m always willing to help you out with your social media program!

That’s it for now!

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