Is Your LinkedIn Profile an Obituary?

Please excuse the deathbed humor in this week’s article’s title, but I’m trying to make a point.

(I’m also at an age where I can get away with this type of joke.)

My recent blogging on how to be active on LinkedIn and assisting several clients with their own profiles caused me to take  note of a few things.

First, so many people’s LinkedIn profiles are static, no updates and no activity.

Next, I was reminded of an obituary.  A written summary of someone’s life, prepared once, never touched again, and left to gather dust in old newspaper morgue files.  (Sorry about all these afterlife references!)

Then, it didn’t helped that a couple of first degree connections of mine have passed away and no one has removed their LinkedIn profiles yet.  Their profile pictures still stare out after all these years.  (Why is that all the profiles of the deceased have profile photos and so many of those who are still living don’t?  Maybe it’s a bucket list thing.)

(For more information on what to do with your social media after you pass on, check out this link.)

Here’s my point:

If a stranger were to look at your LinkedIn profile would they know whether you’re dead or alive?

When was the last time on LinkedIn that you published content, commented on someone else’s content, liked or shared something?

See where I’m going?

Is your LinkedIn profile even current?

How promptly do you accept connection requests on LinkedIn?

Don’t become the walking dead on LinkedIn!  (Sorry, did it again!)

You never know when a recruiter, a potential employer or client may look at your LinkedIn profile!

So many other LinkedIn profiles are the walking dead that it’s very easy to stand out!

Your LinkedIn profile is a reflection of you.

Make sure its up to date, proactive and thorough.

LinkedIn and other social media are here to stay.

If you don’t have a presence on LinkedIn or other social media channels and that’s current then you don’t exist.

An executive recruiter, who is a client of mine, told me recently that not finding a potential client on LinkedIn is a red flag for him.  The candidate would have to be very exceptional for him to go to all the trouble of determining why.

You have to play it to win it!

I’m always willing to help you out with your social media program!

That’s it for now!

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