Are You Taking Full Advantage of LinkedIn?

Lately, while reviewing LinkedIn profiles with clients, I’m noticing some bad practices.

Many profiles are incomplete, confusing, or their owners aren’t using all the LinkedIn features available to them.

Then, what I love most in this job, someone with a profile having all these characteristics will ask me, “Should I get Linkedin Premium?”

I’m not a big fan of LinkedIn Premium to begin with, but no one should be getting Premium until they’re using all the free features of LinkedIn optimally.

There are four areas of opportunity to use LinkedIn optimally in the free version.  Doing these well will yield improved results over what you have now and will probably make you even wonder if you need a Premium account in the first place.

(Oh, yes, about that 800 pound gorilla in the room, Microsoft’s recently announced acquisition of LinkedIn, no one knows what’s going to happen there.  But, the practices I’m going to outline next should stand you in good stead no matter what happens!)

First, your LinkedIn Profile should be used to tell your story and not just parrot your resume.

Your profile should be complete, have a proper photo (i.e., no beach pix from that summer vacation), employ your keywords, and have a logical flow from the headline to the summary and through your experiences.  Your goal is to have your reader want to at least speak if not outright meet with you.

Next, establish yourself as a subject matter expert  (SME) by posting your own original content.  Use status updates, LinkedIn Publisher, and SlideShare to share your own work.  Stick to your core competencies when you write.  Don’t wandering philosophical monologues on the state of modern management.  Again, use your keywords here!

Third, work consistently and in a disciplined manner to grow your connections.  Regularly look for the right people to connect with.  Use your free three saved searches to help you here.  Like, share, and comment on the content of others to be noticed by them and to enhance your status as an SME.

Finally, offer social proof of who you are.  Have recommendations that speak specifically of the value that you delivered and that use your keywords.  (Yes, I’m repeating myself!)  Solicit endorsements as well.  Yes, they’re not as valuable as recommendations but they sure don’t hurt!  Any other third party attributions (Please don’t use your mother!) that can help reinforce what you do and how well you do it should be included as well.

LinkedIn can be a very useful and powerful tool to help you with your goals and objectives when used properly.  Whether you’re looking for clients or anticipate looking for a new position, LinkedIn will be a crucial part of your success!

Just use it!

Make sure that LinkedIn is part of your social media program!

That’s it for now!

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