One Way to Source External Content to Share on LinkedIn

“Where do I find content to share on LinkedIn, let alone the time to do so?”

This is a favorite question from friends and clients to me.

(In fact, if I chad a dollar for every time I heard it, I wouldn’t need this gig!)

In this article, I’ll give you one way to not only do this but to also automate part of the process.

The tool is Feedly.

Feedly came into prominence a few years ago when Google inexplicably dropped support for Reader, its RSS tool.

Feedly quickly filled the gap.

It comes in both free and fremium versions.  And, while the the former is very useful and I normally start clients with it, you’ll need the latter for purposes of this article.

Feedly is a superb tool for content curation.

Feedly has several advantages:

  1. Permits the organization of sources (e.g., blogs, websites) into folders for regular updates of new material
  2. Allows for the discovery of new content sources
  3. Shares content easily with LinkedIn, other social media channels, and tools such as Evernote and One note
  4. Google Alerts can be plugged into it for keyword searches

Using Feedly with LinkedIn is very straightforward.

By giving permission to Feedly to access LinkedIn, you can directly share a link there.

A comment can be added and the link’s accompanying graphic will be posted on LinkedIn as well.

Remember, when back in the day, we had to copy and paste, then run around to find an appropriate image?

Those days are gone!

(And, if you’ve never had to experience them, be grateful!)

I highly recommend Feedly Pro to all my clients and to anyone who is serious about curating content for LinkedIn and other social media.

Currently, Feedly Pro costs $5.41 per month with an annual contract.  Prices can be found here.

Feedly Pro greatly simplifies curating content for LinkedIn and your other social media channels.

Get it!

Also, never forget to reach out to either ask questions or to ask for help from someone like myself!

That’s it for now!

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