Google Alerts and Your Social Media Program

We all have this problem.

Sudden changes in our industries or areas of expertise (as in it didn’t exist when we went to bed last night); maybe the changes are not so sudden but they’re being discussed out there, somewhere; and we’re trying to figure out how to stay on top of them.

Relax, there’s a solution!

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Even better, it’s free and from a reputable vendor!

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The tool is Google Alerts and I’m going to talk about it in this article.

Google Alerts allows you the ability to monitor the Web for content relevant to you and your business and to receive automatic updates.

All you need is a Google account (having a gmail account does it) and you’re in business.

Using your keywords (Remember those?) you can create alerts that will be sent to you via email or RSS feed.  You can also determine their frequency, sources, and the quality of the content.

There are several benefits to using Google Alerts:

  1. Automates an important part of your daily work
  2. Leverages the most powerful Web search engine for you
  3. It’s free!

As I wrote earlier, Google Alerts keeps you on top of what’s going on.  It also helps your content curation efforts to share the content of others and to perform research for your own original content.  Finally, it’s a great way to learn what’s being said about you and your business online!  (Don’t believe me when I say they’re talking about you online?  Go check for yourself!)

Our world is dynamic, more so than ever before.

We need to avail ourselves of all the tools that can help us especially when they’re free and highly reliable.

Not to mention, using Google Alerts makes you look good to clients and potential clients!

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