Do You Have an Undue Concentration Problem in LinkedIn?

OK, I probably have your attention with that title if you’re reading this now!

It sounds ominous to you and it should.

Undue concentration can have serious consequences for you and undo all your hard work with your LinkedIn profile.

So, let me start telling you all about undue concentration!

Undue concentration is when you have too many first degree connections from just one organization.

(It can also occur when you have just a handful of organizations but is most pronounced when it’s only one.)

Symptoms of undue concentration are:

  1. A high percentage of first degree connections from a current or former organization
  2. Also, characterized by poor industry and geographic diversity
  3. Can be present with a limited number of organizations showing poor position, industry, and geographic diversity.

What are the implications of undue concentration on LinkedIn?

First, it limits your exposure.  Hard for prospective clients or employers to find you if you’re not in their networks.

Next, it limits your influence.  Your well-prepared content is not getting the exposure it should and you’re not seeing the content or comments of others.

Finally, you suffer from group think because all you hear about are the ideas from one group of people in one organization.  (I’ll wager that your profiles even all look alike!)

How does undue concentration on LinkedIn arise?

Primarily but not actively seeking out appropriate first degree connections yourself and not publishing content regularly on LinkedIn.

Only passively accepting connection requests from others is another

In truth, undue concentration on LinkedIn is really a sign that your in person networking skills leave a lot to be desired!

What can be done about undue concentration on LinkedIn?

First and most importantly, don’t disconnect from anyone!

Overtime, given the type of economy we live in now, you and your first degree connections will all move onto new positions in new organizations and this problem will take care of itself.

That’s for the long term, for the short term, actively connect with people outside of your immediate organizational circle.

Start with sales reps and consultants whom you deal with every day.  Look back to universities, grad schools, law schools, and high schools and try to connect with your fellow alums whom you haven’t seen in a while.

Post content on LinkedIn and explore Groups.

Connect with people from your competitors.  (Yes, I did say that!)

Do these and you’ll begin to correct your undue concentration on LinkedIn.

The first step in correcting a problem is realizing that you have one.

Are over 20% of  your first degree connections from one organization?  (That’s my own personal rule of thumb.)

(The higher the percentage, the bigger your problem is!)

Are the remainder of your first degree connections from a handful of organizations?

If you answer yes  then develop a plan and start to fixing your undue concentration problem!

Most people have this problem at one time or another.

If you’ve suddenly realized that you do have it, don’t panic!  Just develop a plan and begin to work your way out of it.

One final recommendation is to ensure that it’s part of your overall social media program.

That’s it for now!

Also, never forget to reach out to either ask questions or to ask for help from someone like myself!

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