Have You Started at the Deep End with Social Media?

Many of my clients or prospective clients many times ask me about advanced social media solutions even before they’ve gotten the basics down.

Often, I feel that they are trying to run before they can even crawl!

Not a good practice to my way of thinking!

Here’s why…

Starting off with social media is all about the basics (blocking and tackling for all you football fans out there):

  1. What are your goals?
  2. Who are you trying to reach?
  3. What social media channels should you use and why should you use them?

Without these…

  1. You won’t what you’re doing
  2. Even if you guess what to do then how will you know how to do it?
  3. How will you manage to measure success if you do start something?

There are four components that you’ll need at a minimum before you can even think of jumping the deep end with social media.

First, you’ll need a well thought out presence on social media. This way people will know who you are when they find you.

Second, you’ll need a social media community. Who are the people you need to reach out to and how will you do it?

Third, you’ll need to engage with your community. What activities will you undertake and when will you do this to begin a conversation with your community.

Finally, you’ll a content strategy. What original content will you create for your community? (Hint: It should be things that they want to hear about.) Also, whose content will you share and comment upon?

All of these components should be part of your social media program which is your well thought out and documented approach to launching your social media efforts.

Starting small and keeping it simple are key elements when launching into social media especially for small and medium sized organizations.

Just remember before getting in over your head with social media!

That’s it for now!

Also, never forget to reach out to either ask questions or to ask for help from someone like myself!

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