Should You Blog If You're Not Getting Any Traffic?

The question which serves as the title to this article is the outgrowth of a project I was working on for a client this week.
I’m assisting my client with selecting an SEO firm for his business and I was conducting vendor interviews.
One of the candidate firms (Who will remain unmentioned.) said something that set me back.
They said that they don’t recommend blogs because they don’t help organic growth.
This is a bad recommendation for a variety of reasons which I’ll discuss now.
First, let’s start with what a blog gives you.
Having your own domain name on the Internet gives you legitimacy and credibility.
No one can take that from you.
Other social media channels may go away but yours will stay.
You will still have your piece of real estate on the Internet.
Next, why a blog instead of a static website?
A blog, when done properly, is dynamic.
A blog allows you to position yourself as a subject matter expert (SME) and as an influencer.
Your blog will always be there and you determine what content is presented and how it’s presented.
Finally, your blog is your opportunity for your own SEO efforts.
Google views sites with fresh content more favorably than static ones.
Your blog allows you to have your own keyword strategy.
You can also determine how your blog supports your engagement strategy with your community.
Your blog is the cornerstone of your content strategy.
Now, let’s talk about that traffic.
Here’s the bad news, unless you’re already famous or well known, you’re going to start with little or no traffic.
Traffic has to be earned the old fashioned way, via hard work.
This is where is where an SEO strategy and social media come in to draw traffic to your blog.
Once, the traffic arrives at the blog, it’s the blog’s job to keep and get it to come back again.
By itself, a blog does nothing.
With the right tools and strategies it becomes a key differentiater for a business.
This may seem like a classic chicken or egg paradox.
But, it’s not.
You start with your blog and you work to draw traffic to it.
I disagree with that SEO firm which dismisses blogs because if they were successful with what they purport to do then the blog will draw and create its own traffic.
I always recommend to my clients doing a blog well with good content and keeping it current.
That’s it for now!
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