Is Using TrueTwit Worth the Effort?

We all receive them on Twitter…

Those annoying, automated DMs saying, “XYZ uses TrueTwit validation. To validate click here: “

OK, so what?

I don’t about anyone else, but I just ignore them.

A recent inquiry from a client caused me to go back and take another looks at TrueTwit to see if anything had changed much since my last look about five years ago.

Back then, I didn’t see much to make think it was worth the effort.

My first and biggest problem is where’s the beef?

In other words, what’s the value add?

Ostensibly, TrueTwit helps you avoid bots and spammers.

Of course, that means everyone will click on the link in their ubiquitous DMs and go through the validation process.

But, I’ve noticed in my recent DMs from them that I’m following TrueTwit users without even having to validate my request!

What gives with that?

So, what’s even the point of using TrueTwit?

Yes, there are reports and analytics, which I haven’t seen, but since most Twitter users have more reports and analytics already that they’re not even using then why bother with more?

Another annoyance for me are the automated DMs sent out by TrueTwit.

Hasn’t anyone bothered to tell them and their subscribers that automated DMs are poor Twitter etiquette?

In fact, some people will unfollow you if you employ them.

I have no proof for this comment but I sometimes wonder if TrueTwit subscribers are even serious users of Twitter.

Oh, and by the way, if you really don’t want to have those automated DMs go out to all your new followers all you have to do is upgrade to TrueTwit Premium and then you can turn them off!

That’s obviously their hook to get Premium subscribers.

Otherwise, TrueTwit is advertising on their subscribers’ Twitter accounts for free.

Another aside, Twitter itself is working on account verification for the masses.

How this will work, when if ever it will be available, and at what price point, all remain to be seen.

But, given all the hub bub down in the nation’s Capitol over Twitter and social media these days, I suspect that the days of bots and spammers running freely amuck on Twitter and other social media will soon be over.

What I recommend is what I practice and what I tell my clients, TrueTwit isn’t worth the effort, the risk, or the expense.

I would welcome to hear from anyone who has a different opinion and can substantiate their claims.

That’s it for now!

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