What's Your Content Strategy for Social Media?

Let’s face it, everyone wants to create content for their social media.
Some are actually very enthusiastic about it and are very talented too.
But, often, when I ask why they’re creating their content, I get blank stares.
Let’s discuss this!
Why do we create content?
There’re a variety of reasons.
We do it for branding purposes. Who we are and what we’re about.
We do it to sell ourselves or our services. Talking about the value we bring and how we bring it.
Or, we do it for informational purposes. Educating our community about certain topics.
Then there’s the most important question of all, whom are we writing for?
What many forget is that they’re not writing not writing for themselves.
They’re writing for others!
What are our readers’ interests and needs?
How will our readers find us?
What does the content, its form, and its promotion on social media affect this?
What’s out strategy for planning our content out?
(We’re writing more than one piece, correct?)
Finally, what’s our engagement strategy should our readers decide to interact with us?
Think about the reasons that anyone would want to read our content.
Is it informative?
Does it add value?
Does it answer their questions?
Is it interesting?
(This doesn’t have to stand in contrast to being informative.)
Whichever of the above it is, being well written with a little humor thrown in always helps!
When you begin to think about your content strategy, and is a strategy, think about your audience.
Why should they read you?
There’s a lot of competition for their attention these days and it’d growing every day.
Plan your content strategy out.
And, most of all, don’t forget to engage in a conversation with your followers should they decide to start one!
That’s it for now!
Please check-out my 8 step approach for developing a social media program to get some more ideas on how to use social media.
Also, never forget to reach out to either ask questions or to ask for help from someone like myself!
In the meantime, thank you for following and reading my blog!
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