Do You Talk with Anyone about Your Social Media?

Pundits say that people would rather talk about their sex lives with one another before they discuss their personal finances.

In my practice, I find that people are even less willing to talk about their use of social media.

Let’s discuss this!

The reasons are varied why people don’t want to discuss their social media usage.

Sometimes they’re ashamed feeling either that social media is for children or that they haven’t done much while others have.

Or, they either don’t know a lot about or don’t understand social media very well.

Then there’s my personal favorite, arrogance.

They just don’t feel that they need it and it’s a waste of their time.

And, then there’s a whole slew of other trivial reasons which I won’t bother you with right now.

Yes, there are rationalizations about this behavior.

It’s human nature or no one likes feeling at a disadvantage or out of it.

But, talking with people about social media is actually a learned skill that you can get better at by just practicing.

Here’s how.

You just walk up to someone (Or, use a phone if you’re socially shy) and start talking to them about their social media and then yours!

Simple, right?

Why should you do this?

Well, for one, you’ll learn something.

Your confidence will increase.

You’ll realize that you’re not the only one who makes mistakes. (Trust me, we all make them!)

Your use of social media will improve.

Don’t believe me?

Try it!

OK, next question, who to talk with?

Thought leaders, subject matter experts (SME).

Folks like me!

Similar professionals or organizations in your area.

(For those of you who are still reluctant, these don’t have to be your competitors. They can be similar sized organizations. There are other ways to learn what your competitors are doing.)

Or, check out similar organizations in different regions who aren’t direct competitors.

Whatever you do, don’t sit alone in your own silo.

Social media is too dynamic for you to have a go it alone strategy.

Ask questions of the people whom you decide to talk with.

Finally, don’t forget to read and to stay current with social media so you’ll have something to add to the conversation!

That’s it for now!

Please check-out my 8 step approach for developing a social media program to get some more ideas on how to use social media.

Also, never forget to reach out to either ask questions or to ask for help from someone like myself!

In the meantime, thank you for following and reading my blog!

I look forward to any and all comments that you may have. I will reply to any comments made to this blog post as promptly as I can.

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