How to Leverage Your Social Media

A frequent question I often receive from prospective clients is, “Is this all there is to social media? How can I get more from it?”

This is a very good question and, yes, you can get more from social media! You can definitely leverage your investment.

Let’s talk about it!

Before we do that, let’s clear up one misconception that many people have about social media. They assume that social media is its own little world with no connection to anything else. For people using Facebook, as an example, solely for personal reasons this is probably true and harmless. But, for people who are using social media for their business or career, nothing could be further from the truth.

Social media can have a very useful and powerful effect on your business or career if you use it correctly. (There’s always a catch isn’t there?)

Here’re two examples.

First, your email list. (You do have one of these, don’t you?)

Your social media can be a source of addresses for your email list.

You can do this by including a call to action in your profile or by periodic posts offering a giveaway (lead magnet) to obtain the valuable email address.

A word of caution here, don’t abuse your email list! Make sure to make it worthwhile for your subscribers.

Next your blog. (Again, please tell me you have one of these!)

Post your blog articles across your social media.

Put social media buttons on your blog.

Display selected social media feeds on your blog.

Invite people to follow your blog.

To use a much overused word, there is synergy between your social media activities and non-social media activities.

For my clients and myself, I consider social media, email lists, and blogs to be inextricably connected and I don’t make a distinction between the two.

Yes, integrating all of these parts is more work but it’s well worth the effort!

That’s it for now!

Please check-out my 8 step approach for developing a social media program to get some more ideas on how to use social media.

Also, never forget to reach out to either ask questions or to ask for help from someone like myself!

In the meantime, thank you for following and reading my blog!

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