What Have You Accomplished on Social Media?

You’ve been at social media for a while now.

You’re engaging with others, creating and sharing content, and expanding your community.

Great! But, what have you really accomplished while you’ve been at it?

Let’s talk about that!

First off, what’s an accomplishment?

We’re all on social media for different reasons. (I’m excluding those who are on social media for purely social or personal reasons.)

The big three reasons for being on social media in my experience are:

  1. Revenue generation
  2. Brand awareness
  3. Establishing yourself as an influencer or subject matter expert (SME).

Or, it’s some combination of these three.

Ideally, you have goals for these and you’ve determined a way to track your progress against them.

Believe it or not, many folks don’t go onto social media with any preconceived notions about what they hope to accomplish once they’re online.

Yes, they even have decent profiles, have created and shared original content, and have engaged with others and are expanding their communities.

But, there’s always a but isn’t there, stop them and ask them what they’ve accomplished, what does it mean to their business or career, and they’re clueless. You get the thousand yard stare.

Always have a reason for being on social media.

Articulate it and quantify it.

Measure your progress against it.

This is your accomplishment!

And, if you don’t achieve then go back and start over. You will get there!

That’s it for now!

Please check-out my 8 step approach for developing a social media program to get some more ideas on how to use social media.

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