What’s Wrong with Saying, “I Have Enough Business Already, Why Do I Need Social Media?”

I hear this question a lot when I meet prospects for the first time, “I have enough business already, why do I need social media?”

They feel their business is good, very good in some cases, so why should they put time and effort and maybe some money into something they feel they either don’t need or is a frivolous waste of resources that could better be deployed elsewhere.

Actually, there are a few good reasons why this line of thinking is dead wrong.

Lets discuss them!

First, your good times won’t last forever. (If you don’t believe me then ask the former employees of either Sears or Toys R Us about this!) Someday, through no fault of your own even, your business is going to start going away. New competition arises, new trends occur, or somebody invents a better widget.

Or, even if your business doesn’t start to deteriorate, bad things can happen that threaten your business. Some crisis in your business or your industry or profession will arise and your customers, prospects, and probably a lot of other people are going to want to know what do you think about the matter.

Negative publicity arising from something going wrong at your business would need to be responded to. (Many small business’s first introduction to social media is when they start getting negative reviews on Yelp!)

You need to demonstrate that you’re a market leader and influencer. The world is moving onto social media like it or not. (Why do you think all the newspapers and magazines are going out of business? It’s not because the publishers are suddenly friends of trees.) Your customers are there. How do you demonstrate your market leadership if you’re not there yourself? (Oh, and BTW, your competition is already there.)

Finally, you need more business. Eventually, you’re going to need more business and this is not a good time to start thinking about social media.

The best time to have started your social media program was yesterday, the next best time if you haven’t already done so is today.


Times are good now for you and you’re not distracted by significant issues like falling business, a public relations fiasco, or not having the time to set aside to work on your social media. As busy as you may think you are currently, there is no time like the present. Now, you can more easily put aside some time and effort. You may even be able to spend some money here.

Social media communities and email lists take time to build and nurture.

Stay away from anyone who’s hyping a silver bullet solution and promises overnight results. If its too good to be true then it is. Trust me, if you’re in trouble the snake oil salesmen will be come knocking on your door.

Putting off anything important is never a good strategy in any walk of life. This is especially so in business.

Right now, there is nothing more important than social media as an up and coming disrupter in business.

You may not think you need social media today, but for me, that’s the first indicator that you do!

Thats it for now!

Please check-out my 8 step approach for developing a social media program to get some more ideas on how to use social media.
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