What Are Three Reasons Why Writers Need Social Media?

Like any other profession these days, writers need social media. They may resist but resistance is futile as the Borg will say one day! Lets talk about why!

The Three Reasons Why Writers Need Social Media

Publishers do nothing for most writers

(Trust me, I’ve talked to enough of them to know this!) Unless you’re the likes of Stephen King, James Patterson, or JK Rowling, publishers do little to promote most writers’ books. You’re on your own. In truth, some of the little that I’ve seen them do is actually counterproductive or a waste of time. Lets face it, if you’re a writer then you’re on your own until you hit it big. (And if you listen to me then you will hit it big!)

Social media is where your fans and readers are

Where else are you going to find most if not all of the potential buyers of your books? Not only that, but if you treat them right, they’ll leave positive reviews about your work on Amazon and other online sites and promote you to their social media communities! There’s more to social media for writers then the usual suspects (e.g., LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.) How about Goodreads for instance? Even if you decide to suck it up and promote your book yourself, how are you going to do it? Traditional advertising, if not dead, will soon be. Social media is the only game in town.

Best of all, you can do a lot for free or near free on social media!

A lot can still be done on social media affordably. Two of your most important digital assets, your blog and your email list, can be had either for free or near free (I recommend spending some money here.) Independent authors are self-publishing and making a decent living, they’re using social media.

A few final thoughts…

Yes, the Internet is clobbering the book business and booksellers are taking it on the chin. (Anyone remember Borders, Daltons or Waldens? Even the shopping malls are closing down now!) But, there are still opportunities for authors if they can adapt and adopt the new technologies. Give it a try! If you nothing to lose if you do it right!

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