Are You a One Hit Wonder with Your Social Media?

We’ve all seen them.

The writer who has a best seller listed in the NY Times.

The singer or band who goes to the top of the charts with a song.

The actor who earns an Oscar for their first role in a film.

The star athlete who wins the MVP in whatever their particular sport may be.

Then poof!

They’re gone.

Never to be heard from again except for those unfortunate, benighted souls who pursue the trivia of these disciplines.

These are the one hit wonders of our time.

The ones whom Andy Warhol said would have their fifteen minutes of fame.

The question for you is now, is your social media a one hit wonder?

Let’s talk about that!

Like the examples cited above, one hit wonders in social media start off well.

Their social media profiles are done well and are consistent across all channels.

Their blog is a model to all of what should be done.

Their initial content is highly regarded, shared, and commented upon.

Then, for whatever reason, they fade from view.

Why does this happen?

Anecdotally, I can say that often times, they lose interest.

The required consistency and discipline is lacking.

Being successful with social media, as I always tell my clients, is more about running a marathon than a sprint.

Social media is not for the faint of heart.

There is a high burn-out rate for its practitioners.

Anyone can be successful with social media.

A quick perusal of some of the so-called “stars” of social media proves that.

Putting aside their outrageous content and conduct, one finds consistency and discipline.

The Devil has to have his due.

But, many who approach social media and start well, having their own one hit wonder, often fall by the wayside.

(I suspect that at some future point in time, someone will start a “Where Are They Now?” corner in social media somewhere.)

How do you avoid becoming a one hit wonder with your social media?


Keep doing what you’re doing.

Like I said earlier, one hit wonders start strong then stop.

Keep plugging away and don’t be afraid to try new things while you’re at it.

Keep metric and measure your progress.

You’d be surprised how even gradual improvements can motivate you to keep going.

If your metrics don’t improve then dig deeper to see why that is.

Always stay at it and always be curious.

Don’t let yourself become another one hit wonder!

That’s it for now!

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