How Do You Learn about Social Media?

Get on social media!

If you’re not on social media then you don’t exist!

You’ve probably heard comments like this for some time now.

It seems almost impossible to escape the incessant bombardment in the popular media about social media.

But, if you’re like most people, and are not buried under rock someplace, then you’ve decided to get onto social media.

Easier said than done especially if you want to use social media for business.

How does one go about learning about social media?

Especially if you don’t want to spend a fortune!

Let’s talk about that!

First off, in this article, I won’t discuss how to learn about the various social media channels.

That’s way too much for one article.

Instead, I’ll present an overall approach for now and in future articles talk about learning specific social media channels.

(How’s that for a hook to get you to come back?)

Even before you start trying to learn about social media you have to ask yourself a question.

(There’re always questions in life!)

Will you be on social media for personal or professional reasons?

For purposes of this article, I’m assuming that you’ll be using it for professional reasons.

Have no fear if you only want to use social media for personal reasons, you’ll still benefit from reading this and future articles.

You’ll just have less work to do!

Once you decide why you’re on social media then you have to decide which social media channel to start with.

Hint: Don’t try starting with them all at once!

After this decision, next comes deciding how much time you’re willing to put into your studies.

Yes, time!

That elusive object that you never seem to have enough of.

Once you have the amount of time decided upon then you have to decide how to use it to set up your study program.

What follows is how I’ve approached learning new social media topics.

First, find yourself a few good books.

You may chuckle but the Dummies series are very good for basic concepts and getting started.

Next, online resources on YouTube or at Udemy are either free or affordable material to gain additional study material.

As you start to gain all this new knowledge of yours you’re bound to have questions, lots of them.

(If you don’t then you’re obviously doing something wrong. Go back and re-review your study materials!)

Check Facebook for groups on the particular social media channel that you’re studying.

Twitter and Reddit are other good sources for like minded folks like yourself.

Also, look for subject matter experts and thought leaders online.

Follow and engage with them.

This is how you can started.

What happens next depends on how much time and effort you’re willing to put into learning about social media.

As I said before, I’ll be writing articles periodically about educating yourself on specific social media channels.

So, keep checking back!

That’s it for now!

Please check-out my 8 step approach for developing a social media program to get some more ideas on how to use social media.

Also, never forget to reach out to either ask questions or to ask for help from someone like myself!

In the meantime, thank you for following and reading my blog!

I look forward to any and all comments that you may have. I will reply to any comments made to this blog post as promptly as I can.

And, remember!

I do this for a living and if I can be of any assistance to either you or your organization, please feel free to call on me. Our initial discussion will be of no charge to you.

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Stay well!

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