How Does an Ideal Client Persona Help You on LinkedIn?

Some of you may be asking what’s an “ideal client persona”?

That’s OK, that’s why we’re here to answer those questions for you and to show you what to do with the results.

Let’s get started!

First off, an ideal client persona is a detailed analysis of what the perfect user or purchaser of your service or product looks like.

(While this article is written for business owners looking for clients, the same principles can be used by someone looking for a new position.)

All characteristics are fair game here.

Type and size of business, location, current service/product provider if any, position in company, years of experience, education, previous employers, and anything else that you feel can help bring you closer to a decision maker.

(Personally, I draw the line at knowing their hair color.)

One other point, know the difference between a decision maker and a gate keeper.

The former can decide to use your product or service, the latter can help you get to a decision maker.

Now, here’s where LinkedIn comes in.

People, not organizations, decide whether or not to use you.

LinkedIn has people in it.

Lots of people who have probably never heard of you but could possibly be interested in working with you.

Here’s how to identify them on LinkedIn and move the conversation offline:

    1. With your ideal client personas as inputs, LinkedIn’s basic search can be used to identify specific individuals to pursue (Making sure that your personas include LinkedIn search fields is a big help)
    2. The next step is to see where these individuals fall within your connections
    3. If they’re first degree connections then you can approach them directly
    4. If they’re second degree connections then you ask your mutual connection for an introduction (If they’re a third degree connection then don’t try to network through with multiple hops. Ive never seen this work.)
    5. And keep repeating!

(For those of you with LinkedIn Premium accounts this is where you can get an ROI on your investment.)

Continually refine your ideal client personas.

Refine them as you acquire new clients and think outside the box for client types whom you haven’t engaged with yet.

And, yes, I know, this is a time consuming process!

But, there are no silver bullets here.

Understanding your client base and how to use LinkedIn effectively will help bring in new business.

Two last points…

First, when you connect with people on LinkedIn, don’t forget to engage with them.

I recommend engagement before asking for their business.

Next, make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and you have good content there when potential clients come to look at you and trust they will before they either connect with you or accept a call.

Give it a try and please tell us how you do!

That’s it for now!

Please check-out my 8 step approach for developing a social media program to get some more ideas on how to use social media.

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