How Are Writers Using Their Social Media to Deal with COVID-19?

Recently when this while COVD-19 emergency began, I blogged about what it would all mean for writers and their social media.

Well, we’re two months in from that blogpost and the emergency is still on.

Personally, I’d hoped we’d be long past where we are now.

(Hey, what do I know? I’m a social media adviser not a doctor!)

Our world has changed a lot over the last eight weeks and writers are no exception.

Let’s talk about this!

One of the typical stereotypes out there is the image of a starving writer working all alone in a garret somewhere.

Like most stereotypes, it’s way off the mark.

All the writers I know either have day jobs or earn enough from their writing to not need one.

(Yeah, OK, that may have something to do with starving writers can’t afford my fees. But, I digress!)

For writers who were in the midst of working on their next book, the pandemic has probably not had much of an impact other than trying to buy groceries while social distancing.

But, for writers who have books being launched or who are trying to promote their backlists, times have been tough.

Libraries, bookstores, book clubs, conferences, and all the other venues where writers could go to promote their work and meet fans, readers, and other writers have been shut down.

How ironic, that Barnes & Noble, which in the past had rather pointedly avoided most writers unless they were superstars, had undergone a sea change since its recent acquisition and now welcomes writers at their local stores!

When I wrote my last blogpost, I was concerned about what could writers do immediately to offset the economic contraction.

Now, that we’ve been through two months with no end in sight to the lockdown, it’s time for writers to start thinking of other ways to promote themselves and their books.

I’m going to recommend Zoom, the video conferencing tool.

Zoom permits writers to reach out real time with video to their communities.

It also allows them to work with bookstores (particularly the indies who are struggling right now), libraries, and other groups to host events.

Zoom has a very handy free option and it’s lowest level premium offering, which I use, is very affordable.

Now, a work of caution here.

You can’t just open a Zoom account, start broadcasting, and expect the online world to beat a path to your door.

What I’ve been blogging about during the course of this emergency is all about the basics of social media, engagement and content.

(Yeah, I know, you’re tired of hearing me say that! I’m tired of having to say it!)

While the game may have moved online, the basics of blocking and tackling have remained the same.

Try it!

Also, come back and let us know what your experiences are!

Good luck and stay safe!

That’s it for now!

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