Are You Abusing Your Social Media Video During COVID-19?

I’m sure this article’s title got your attention.
However, sorry to disappoint some of you, I’m not talking about anything salacious.
(I’m sure there’s plenty of that going out there in the Metaverse these days, but you’ll have to find another blog to hear about that.)
What I’m talking about is, are you taking advantage of your social media community’s good nature by posting boring, irrelevant dribble in video format on your social media?
Let’s talk about this!
Virtually every social media channel now has video capability built into it, even LinkedIn!
And, while I always encourage my clients to use video in their content strategy, I also tell them that if they’re not going to do it right then don’t do it at all.
When I talk with clients and prospects about this, they all invariably say, “No worries, I’m not the unshaven guy in his bathrobe, who badly needs a haircut, droning on about nothing of importance over a too big cup of coffee.”
Instead, they’re the stiff, in a tie, droning on in monotone, about Lord knows what.
I almost wish they were the former guy, I could make him a viral meme and do something with it!
Our communities are trapped inside today because of the emergency.
So, most of them have a little more time than usual to check out the torrent of videos coming at them.
You’re given an opportunity here, don’t waste it.
Look professional and have a message that’s worth listening too.
(BTW Professional does include humorous if it’s suitable for your brand.)
Also, keep it short!
Even your mother after a while will push the mute button if you don’t keep it brief and get to the point.
Some readers may be able to harken back to the days when we’d visit relatives’ homes and they’d break out their dreaded 35mm home movies of their vacation at Niagra Falls.
Those were tough times.
Let’s not simply upgrade them with Twenty-first Century technology!
That’s it for now!
Please check-out my 8 step approach for developing a social media program to get some more ideas on how to use social media.
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Stay well!

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