Is Social Media Really Helping Us During COVID-19?

OK, I’ve been blogging about social media and COVID-19 for what must seem like forever now.
(At least it seems that way to me. If it doesn’t to you then you’re doing a lot better than me!)
I’ll admit a certain bias when it comes to social media.
I see the advantages and the benefits of using it properly with properly being the operative word here.
Personally, I believe that, overall, social media has been helpful during the pandemic.
(Full disclosure, I make my living from social media.)
But, like everything else in life, there’s always a dark side lurking somewhere.
Social media and the pandemic are no different.
Let’s talk about this!
I see two problems with the recent use of social media.
First, is the spread of blatantly false information about the virus on social media.
You know the ones, “The virus has come from Martians!”, “A class of twelve year olds discover a cure for coronavirus!”, or “There is no pandemic!”
Alright, maybe I’ve exaggerated a bit for comic effect but you get the picture.
This is not helpful.
Next, are people who share their lives of despair and angst with everyone while living a relatively comfortable life somewhere safe.
Really, folks, you’re working from home (You have a home!), you’re ordering your food and staples online, you’ve got Netflix, and your sports team isn’t losing this season.
What’s to complain about?
Meanwhile, millions of your fellow citizens are waiting for hours at food pantries and testing lines, are unemployed and can’t get the benefits that they’re legally entitled to, and their stress levels are going through the roof.
And, oh, yes, they can’t afford to have the Internet to go online and to complain about their situation.
Now, don’t get me wrong.
I have nothing against freedom of expression.
But, the above two scenarios help no one.
False information, AKA lies, are detrimental to our society and the overall situation.
Moaning about how difficult your lives are when you’re relatively well off helps no one and makes you look ridiculous.
Yes, complain about the virus and it’s impact on everyone, argue about the best way out of this mess, but, remember, it’s not always about you.
Social media can be a very powerful tool.
As Spider-Man once said, “With great power there must also come great responsibility.”
Go forth onto your social media, engage and create content, but, do it responsibly!
That’s it for now!
Please check-out my 8 step approach for developing a social media program to get some more ideas on how to use social media.
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Stay well!

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