How Can LinkedIn Be Used to Network at Virtual Conferences During the Pandemic?

The answer to this question may seem obvious.

But, to many folks, it’s not.

Maybe our conferences and events have all migrated online for the duration, but LinkedIn is just as important as ever for networking.

Let’s discuss that!

Back in the day, before the pandemic, (Yes, there was life before then and it was pretty good!) preparing to go to conferences, events, and meetings included using LinkedIn to do so.

Some folks have forgotten those lessons and there’re some newbies out there who never learned them.

So, let me recap for everyone’s benefit how to use LinkedIn for networking in the virtual world that we’ve all landed in.

(There are a couple of features that are useful when actually going physically to events, but I’ll cover them in the future when they let us out again.  Besides, LinkedIn will probably revise them a couple of times between now and then anyway.)

There are three stages for using LinkedIn to network at virtual events.

There are before, during, and after.

What should be done at stage follows:

Before the Event

  • Obtain lists of speakers, panelists, sponsors, and attendees
  • For all persons of interest, check to see if they’re on LI
  • For those on LI, are they first or second degree connections?
  • For first degree connections, send a LI message saying hello and that you’re looking forward to meeting them at the event
  • For second degree connections, consider sending a connection request and saying that you’re looking forward to meeting them at the event
  • Prepare a list of people whom you wish to meet and connect with at the event
  • Post that you’ll be attending and tag the event and speaker

During the Event

  • Greet the first and second degree connections you’ve already identified
  • Look for the people on your prepared list and try to meet them
  • Look for other possible connections among the attendees and if they’re persons of interest note their names and organizational affiliation
  • Have a document to share outlining who you are and what you do that you can offer to share with people you meet
  • Have an elevator speech ready

After the Event

  • Send thank you notes to sponsors and hosts
  • Send connection requests to the people you’ve met (Wait one to two days)
  • Post a final message about your attendance


Nothing complicated, just good, old fashioned networking techniques applied to LinkedIn.

Remember too, don’t be someone who connects and forgets!

Good engagement and content will keep you top of mind with your connections and make them glad that they connected with you!

That’s it for now!

Please check out my 8 step approach for developing a social media program for more ideas on how to use social media.

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