Is Your Social Media Working for You During the Pandemic?

Recently, I was talking with a couple of people about the results they were getting for registrations for their online workshops from their social media.

The results were disappointing, very disappointing.

Apparently, they had spoken with others who were experiencing similar results.

Everyone wanted to know what’s going on.

Let’s talk about this!

I think we should all step back and take a deep breath before we start pulling the fire alarms.

(That’s a metaphor, please don’t do this in real life!)

First off, we’re still in the middle of the pandemic.

People are beginning to experience Zoom fatigue.

There’s only so much time folks are willing to spend sitting in front of their screens.

The media reports that this fatigue even extends to lockdown and social distancing compliance.

People are just getting fed up.

Next, there’s also a lot more content out there vying for attention from a finite number of eyeballs.

I suspect that many content providers came roaring back from the Holidays, blazing away with loads of new content.

Content aimed at the limited number of fatigued eyeballs.

Oh, and finally, did I mention the Holidays?

They’re a big distraction at the best of times and I believe especially so in 2020.

It didn’t help either that the people I mentioned in my opening had stepped back in their social media promotions for the Holidays.

Also, one more point, the recent political situation here in the States has been providing more diversion than usual and may continue to do so for a while longer. 

So, what does this all mean?

Normally, I’d recommend changing one’s approach with their social media campaigns.

Using A/B testing for content, frequency, target audience, etc..

While I wouldn’t say don’t do those things now, I’m not sure this would help much.

I certainly don’t recommend spending money on ads on social media unless you’re prepared to spend lots of money.

(And, even then, I’m not sure what you’ll get for your money.)

My best advice now is to double down on your engagement and content activities on social media.

Reevaluate your ideal client personas.

(You do have these, don’t you?)

Can you get tighter with your targeting?

Can you uncover new ones?

For the foreseeable future, I see us being more personal on social media to get closer to potential clients.

I’ll keep you posted on what I’m finding as we go into 2021.

That’s it for now!

Please check out my 8 step approach for developing a social media program for more ideas on how to use social media.

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