Have You Had a LinkedIn Profile Makeover during the Pandemic?

Why am I asking the question that titles this blogpost?

Well, many of us don’t update our LinkedIn profiles regularly so it’s a safe bet to ask.

But, even those of us who do keep our profiles current may not realize some of the opportunities that we’ve been missing.

Let’s talk about this!            

We’ve been muddling through this pandemic for almost one year now.  (Hard to believe, I know!)

A lot has changed for many of us.

We work from home, we lead or participate in video conferences, we’re using new tools, and we’re modifying our business processes on the fly.

On, and BTW, we’re becoming cybersecurity experts while homeschooling our children.

(I won’t go into how much binge watching we’ve also done on Netflix.)

But, how many of us have captured these experiences and skills on our LinkedIn profiles?

Not too many, I’ll wager. 

Even if we keep our profiles reasonably current with our experiences and skills, many of us have missed including the graduate level classes in surviving and thriving during the pandemic that we’ve had.

Oh, and don’t give me those excuses that the pandemic will be over soon and we’ll be going back to normal any day now.

First off, while the pandemic will go away – eventually, it’s only going to wind down gradually.

We’re not all rushing back into the office at once. 

Then there’s always the chance that the next pandemic is just around the corner. 

Pandemics could be a recurring feature of life on Earth for quite some time.

Finally, the pandemic has only accelerated trends that have long been underway in the global economy.

There’s no going back to normal.

Get the picture?

People who can survive and thrive in these times will be in demand.

Hiring managers are going to be asking potential applicants, “What did you do during the Great Pandemic?”

Are we ready with our answers?

A couple of more points, if I may.

The pandemic offers opportunities for more engagement since we’re all working from home and more relevant content (e.g., closing the books when no one’s in the office).

Even in normal times, we wouldn’t know if many folks are still alive during the pandemic.

Let’s not give anyone any more reason than they already have to wonder if we’re still alive!

That’s it for now!

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