Is Your Social Media Suffering from COVID Fatigue?

Let’s face it, we’ve been at this COVID pandemic thing for over a year now and, I don’t know about you, but for me, it’s starting to get old. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m still taking all this very seriously.

You won’t find me celebrating spring break with cast of thousands, unmasked or otherwise, and I’ve just gotten my first shot of the Moderna vaccine. 

But, if you’re like me then you’re probably suffering from COVID fatigue as well.

(And not just because I haven’t had a haircut in over a year.  No, I won’t post a picture!)

The trick is to make sure that our social media doesn’t suffer from it as well.

Let’s talk about that! 

For over a year now, I’ve been blogging about social media and the pandemic.

To be honest, initially, I thought that this would only last for a few months.

(OK, maybe I was kidding myself.)

Well, here we are over a year later and this thing shows no signs of ending soon even with vaccines, PPE, and social distancing.

Yes, we may be tired of all this, but we can’t let it affect our outlook especially our social media. 

We can’t afford to let the quality of either our content or engagement slip no matter how poorly we may feel.

Who wants to read another negative post or engage with naysayers.

Turning negative online is a slippery slope.

The downward spiral doesn’t have to start with the pandemic.

The political situation in the US gives plenty of opportunity to fall into online flame wars with all and sundry.

We have to resist these urges to move towards the Dark Side.

There’s no gain in it for us.

Yes, we can be realistic in our content, nobody likes Pollyanna’s.

But, gloom and doom will never win out.

As for the characters that gloom and doom tends to attract, well, let’s just say that we’re better off without them.

We’re going to get out of this eventually, I guarantee.

In the meantime, sticking to the facts and being realistic will stand us all in good stead, and will ensure that we’ll come out on the other side with strong online communities and our brands intact.

That’s it for now!

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