What about Clubhouse?

Yeah, what about Clubhouse?

OK, now many of you may now be admitting that you haven’t got a clue what Clubhouse is all about.

Well, I’m here to tell you!

Let’s talk about it!

Clubhouse is an app presently only available as of this writing in the Apple App Store and you can only join if you’re invited by an existing member. 

(I got lucky, a friend was already on!)

The app is probably best described as being in beta. 

What’s unique about Clubhouse to me is that it’s only chat as is spoken speech. 

It’s become very popular since it’s roll out.

Although, part of that may be due to the over hype from the vendor that A-list celebrities might drop in on your chat.

“Might” being the operative word here.

This reminds me of the early days of Twitter when folks would live to retweeted, or better yet, mentioned by one of the gods of the Twitterverse.

(Remember those days?)

I’m curious to see how this all plays out.

First, I’m not too sure how scalable this is.

On Twitter, it’s easy to reach thousands, millions of people, if you’re popular there then the sky’s the limit if you’re retweeted.

On Clubhouse, how does one have a conversation with any more than a handful of people?

Next, how does one engage there?

Clubhouse is still too new for me to have any good ideas yet.

(But, I’m going to try, stay tuned!)

Finally, there’s the matter of content

We’re talking conversations here.

I’m sure there are many interesting ones here.

(And probably just as many dogs, but I digress.)

I don’t see much interest here other than the moment.

Who knows?

I could be wrong.

Then there’s the competition.

Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook are all scrambling to launch their own equivalents.

(Honestly, I’m surprised that Facebook hasn’t acquired them yet.)

Anyone remember Meerkat?

All over one day then gone the next but every social media channel had their own proprietary equivalent by then.

Given the pandemic, there’s probably a good niche here for Clubhouse at the moment. 

Down the road, when this is all behind us (And it will be!) then I’m not so sure.

If you make onto Clubhouse, feel free to connect with me.

I’ll be there exploring the app to see what develops!

That’s it for now!

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Stay well!

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