Are We Seeing Convergence in Social Media?

Has anyone else been noticing what I have lately in social media?

That phenomenon known as convergence whereby normally separate features or entities merge together and create that overused word “synergy.”

A good example is how television, the Internet, and the movie industry have seemingly become one massive entity hastened by the current pandemic.

Let’s talk about this!

Not all that long ago, there seemed to be, at least to my primitive view of things, solid demarcations between Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Then other startups, Instagram and Snapchat just to name a couple, began to appear and got swept up by the big players.

The players, who didn’t or couldn’t afford to acquire these newcomers, went out and added their own functionality.

Sometimes leaving pundits like me scratching their heads.

(Does LinkedIn really need, or is better for, a stories functionality?)

The advent of Clubhouse got me thinking about this.

The app is hot now.

No one has acquired it, yet.

Everyone seems to be adding their own functionality just like they did with Instagram.

Which leads me to ask, when will all these social media channels start looking alike?

Yes, LinkedIn still seems to be holding the line on being a professional only site but how much longer can that last?

A while back, the “facebookization” of LinkedIn appeared to have been beaten back, but for how long?

If all the social media channels start to look alike and have the same functionality then how long will it be before members start to drop what they perceive to be redundant or unnecessary ones? 

Could a shakeout be in the offing for social media?

Then there’s the increasingly vocal, public outcry to break up Big Tech.”

As I’ve blogged before, it takes talent to get everyone angry at you in today’s partisan driven environment. 

IMHO something will come out of this movement.

Either Big Tech will do it to themselves or somebody will do it to them for them.

Whatever happens, interesting times lie ahead for social media.

Further consolidation is inevitable.

Government intervention, whether from the US, EU, or PROC is inevitable. 

The nonstop US political rat race is gathering steam for 2024 and significant warchests are being prepared for the next social media wars.

I’m sure that I’ll be blogging a lot more about this in the months and years ahead!

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