Meta? Really Zuck Is that the Best You Can Do?

I was trying to stop blogging about Facebook for a while.

I mean there’re a lot more interesting and pressing topics in social media than what’s going on in Zuck’s personal fiefdom.

Last week, I started blogging about the world outside of Facebook again but this week I got dragged back in again!

Let’s talk about that!

Frances Haugen, the Facebook whistleblower appearing in front of the British Parliament wasn’t what did if for me.

But, I was sorely tempted!

What tipped me over was Zuck, sorry I mean Facebook, renaming the company Meta.

I’m like, “What?”

With all the problems that Facebook is going through right now, whose dreamboat idea was this?

(OK, I think we all know the answer to that one.)

I just hope that they at least didn’t pay any high-priced consultants to do this to, I meant for, them.

Pundits all over the world are having a field day with this.

Joe Scarborough, of Morning Joe on MSNBC, couldn’t stop laughing as he said this would be like Mussolini in 1944 suddenly deciding to call himself Morty and then saying “So, what’s the problem?”

One of my favorite articles on this name change was from the BBC.

Apparently, the word “meta” is very similar to the Hebrew word for “death.”

This may prove to be very prescient on Zuck’s part.

I know defenders of Facebook will say that I don’t understand global marketing and I should just go back to my pumpkin patch.

But, Hell, at least I don’t have the US Congress, the British Parliament, and the European Union, among others, all howling for my head. 

And, my company has never been co-opted by a foreign autocracy for its own profit.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the basic premise behind Facebook was a good one.

Full disclosure, I do earn part of my income from Facebook.

What’s got me going is Zuck and his minions are about to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs for everyone!

The light that Zuck appears in the dark tunnel he’s in right now is not the exit, it’s an oncoming freight train and he’s better figure out how to get out of its way quickly.

Changing the name to Morty, Meta, or whatever is not going to do the trick for him.

He’s running out of time and had better get his act together soon.

Next week, I hope to return to our normal programming.

But, these days, who knows?

That’s it for now!

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