Has How We Run Social Media Campaigns Changed?

To give a short answer, yes, they have!

Let’s talk about why…

In recent posts, I’ve blogged about what’s been happening in the world of social media and what it means.

IMHO last year has probably seen the most significant change to the world of social media since its inception and we’ve only begun to understand the implications.

The following are my initial thoughts about what the implications for running a social media campaign going forward:

  1. More social media channels will be needed to offset the potential loss of players like Twitter.  No one tool has risen to be a possible replacement.  Sure, Mastodon looks promising but who knows for sure?
  2. Past investments in social media could be written off.  Have a large following on Twitter?  Think again if you expect them to follow you effortlessly somewhere else.  Or, shudder, what would happen if Facebook were to tank?
  3. What about automation?  Most third party tools that work with current social media channels aren’t yet ready to work with the new players?  What’s the short term alternative here?
  4. What if online users tire of all the chaos and move away from social media?  How would we find them again?  Where would we find them?
  5. We may have to fall back on our devices.  I’ve been blogging for a long time that we should always have a current email list and a good website/blog. I was considered to be an alarmist.  Now, I look prescient!  (Well, at least, I think so!)
  6. Some old ideas, like newsletters for instance, might become fashionable again
  7. Capturing useful metrics, always difficult, will become even more difficult to obtain
  8. And don’t get me started on the implications of AI, I haven’t a clue and anyone who tells you that they do is lying!

How’s that for a gloomy list?

But, the good news for social media practicioners like myself is that this is what we get paid for!

There will be solutions to these issues and there will be new ideas that we can’t even imagine right now.

So, please keep coming back to my blog as I wade through all these for you in the coming months!

That’s it for now!

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