Is It All Doom and Gloom with Social Media?

Of late, I’ve been blogging about all the bad stuff that’s been happening with social media…

Is free social media a thing of the past?

Will Twitter survive, and if it does, will it even be worth using?

To name but a few!

But, looking backwards makes moving forward difficult.

A lot of other things have been happening out there that could affect social media favorably.

Or not!

But, let’s stay optimistic for a bit.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and tools like ChatGPT offer intriguing possibilities for social media looking ahead.

Content creation and marketing could look very different in the not too distant future.

(And, no, I wrote this blogpost the old fashioned way.  But, in the future, who knows?  Would be fun to try!  Would my regular readers even notice the difference?)

Of course, where does all this lead?

Would social media just be reduced to a gaggle of bots firing off content at one another?

Would humans be replaced entirely?

Would AI go off on its on and forget all about its creators entirely?

I don’t have any answers here, yet.

One thing’s for certain for me…

I’m going to going back to look at my tools and methodologies to see how these new ideas can be affected and improved. 

The recent history of tech has shown that we’ve continually underestimated the impact of innovation on our lives.

A generation ago, who would’ve predicted the impact of the Internet on our daily lives?

For instance, who remembers Borders, Sam Goody, or Sears?

How many devices have the iPhone and its siblings destroyed?

You get the idea. 

Something’s going to happen here, for sure.

I just hope it doesn’t put me out of a job this time! 

That’s it for now!

Please check out my 8 step approach for developing a social media program for more ideas on how to use social media.

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